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Clean and preserve your wedding gown with heirloom quality without even having to leave the comfort of your own home!  Please call us for details and a FREE complimentary consultation!

Packages Start at the Following Prices.

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Package A- $169 USD-Natural Package-Lifetime Written Guarantee.   Experts do the work for you, ensuring a higher quality product!

Package B- $189 USD -100 Year Written Guarantee (YES!  One Century!) 

Experts do the work for you, ensuring a higher quality product!

Package C- $159 USD-An Organic Do It Yourself Kit- includes

100 Year Written Guarantee

Package D- $119 USD-Natural Do It Yourself Kit- 100 Year Written Guarantee

Package D compares to a $200 bridal salon kit!

Natural Gown Cleaning Only - $109 (Bride elects to pass on preservation.)

Organic Gown Cleaning Only - $119 (Bride elects to pass on preservation.)


Package A Testimonials

"My name is Katie L. and I lived in St. Bernard, La.
When hurricane Katrina hit us we had about 30 minutes to get our things together and evacuate. Sadly my wedding dress and my home I had lived in since I was 2, was left behind.  To make things worse there was also an oil spill in the area after the hurricane. We finally got permission to go back to see what, if anything, we could recover.  My dress was found, but it was BLACK!! We looked for a place to have the wedding gown restored locally but no place would touch it, then we found you!  It looks like it never went through that horrible storm, thank you!, thank you!, thank you!!!  After all the hardship my new husband and myself have been through after that hurricane, we can still look at that wedding dress and remember that one perfect day in our lives."

Katie L. , St. Bernard Parish, La.

" I was extremely pleased with my experience with Elegant Gown Preservation!!  My dress was damaged in a house fire and I did not think it possible for my dress to be restored or preserved.  Elegant Gown definitely proved me wrong!!  They were very professional and walked me through each phase setting my expectationsd on the timing of getting my dress back.  When it was returned, I could not believe how good it looked.  It was restored to its original beauty.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! "

-Kim S. (Red Oak, TX  December 2012)


My wife received her gown back today not knowing that I had
sent it out for preservation. She was so thrilled when she opened the
box and saw what a professional job you guys did on her beautiful
antique gown! Thanks for helping me make our 20th wedding anniversary
that much more special!

 Ernest P. (Port Chester, NY - May 31, 2012)


Franki at Elegant Gown Preservation was very thorough and did a great job preserving my gown.  You can't beat the price and quality of Elegant Gown Preservation!  The dress looks georgeous and I'm glad I'll be able to keep it forever.  Thanks for the Military Discount, too.  You can't beat that!"

-Ashley O. (Dallas, TX April 2013)

Just want to let you know that I received my husband's tux a few weeks
ago.  It was perfect!  Thank you so much for your help!


Alie G. (Dorchester, MA - May 26, 2012)

Would highly recommend this service.  Our daughter-in-law's dress is beautiful and safe  Franki was great and kept us informed of what was happening every step of the way.
-Paula & Joe E.  (Grand Prairie, TX March 2013)


 Your company did a fabulous job with my daughter’s wedding dress.  The process was easy and the presentation upon completion is just spectacular.  I want to order a gift of dress cleaning for my niece who is getting married in June. 

 Maureen W. (Kansas - March 13, 2012)

 Elegant Gown Preservation was great.  Very professional and courteous.  Their work is excellent, and much less expensive than other companies.  I had some missing beads from my veil that they replaced free of charge.  I lived close to the area so drop off and pick up was a breeze and would recommend to any bride!

Dr. A., M.D. (Irving, TX April 2013)

 Hello, my name is Lynda B. I must say, I was very concerned when I shipped my dress off to you guys and not being returned for 3-6 weeks. I sent my dress off two weeks ago and it has just arrived at my job. I was not expecting it back so fast. The dress looks great, I almost cried just looking at it. It made me want to get married all over again. Thank you so much for taking such good and gentle care of my dress. I am so glad I found you guys. Very professional. I’ve already told three brides about you
guys. They are excited also.

 Again, thank you very much.

 Lynda B. (Atlanta GA December 19, 2011)

 The service was very professional, and I found it easy to work with their flexible schedule.   The process and options were clearly explained to me, and I found the communication to be excellent.  My dress and veil look great!  I'm very glad that I chose Elegant Gown Preservation.

-Hollye G. (Dallas, TX April 2013)

I received my daughter's dress in the mail in September, and I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with your service!  The whole process was a breeze, the price was right and the turnaround time was amazing!  The quality of your work and  attention to detail is impressive....  My daughter's wedding dress looks beautiful. I can't thank you enough!  Please pass along to the staff that they did a wonderful job!!
Peggy W (Garland, TX October 22, 2011)
Wedding dress came out beautiful!  Very professional and reasonably priced!
-Angie H. (Dallas, TX  April 2013)

I just received my gown from UPS today.  I immediately opened
the box and I was just thrilled!  The company did an extraordinary job and the pesentation looks amazing!  I cannot believe I got this quality for such a low pice.  I would definitely recommend your service to anyone.  I am sure brides are weary about sending their dress away to have it preserved.  I know I was specially since one spends so much money on the dress and not to mention the ssentimental value involved but I was so, so pleased.  Well done and thank you for such expedient, excellent service.  It is absolutely beautiful!

 Peggy P. (Star, Idaho September 30, 2011)


Great service with flexible hours.  Very satisfied with the way my beautiful gown came out.  Very professional staff at Elegant Gown Preservation!

- Dr. Jean, D.D.S. (Las Colinas, TX  May 2013)

 I just wanted to say how wonderful you were to deal with.  I filled
out the order form online, and received the paperwork and shipping label to send in with the dress within a matter of just a few days.  The instructions were very simple and easy.  I sent my dress to you for minor repairs,
cleaning and preservation.  I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when I
received my dress back within a week!  The dress and veil looked beautiful and was preserved and sealed in the box.  Everything was perfect and done in a very timely manner!  I would highly recommend you to anyone.  Your service was outstanding! ?

 Thank you so much!
 -Jennifer W. (Edinboro, PA July 27, 2011)                                  


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to brag on your company for a moment.  Your preservation of wedding gowns is super. Our brides are unique and they have their wedding gowns cared for uniquely - which you do.  Your service was top notch - Numerro Uno and we will be happy to recommend your excellent service to all of our new brides."

Thank you again -

D. J. Sanford  Owner of Lynn Leigh Square Bridal - Brownwood, TX.


Just a quick note to say "Thank You" so much for cleaning my wedding dress. I wasn't sure if you could do it but you did. We "trashed" the dress. Had a great time doing it...rolling in the sandy beach, getting some of the ashes and dirt from the fire-pit, and then just generally having a lot of fun. The pictures were a fun addition to our wedding album.  I decided after the trashing I wanted to preserve the memories of my wedding by having my wedding dress preserved. You were awesome!

The dress is perfect.

Donna A.-  San Francisco, CA


I highly recommend Elegant Gown Preservation for preserving your wedding gown!  The display case is beautiful and professional looking.  The price is reasonable as well.  Franki was extremely friendly and really cares about the outcome of her work.  She was also very accomodating of  my work schedule. 

-Dr. Emily O., M.D. (Dallas, TX  June 2013)  


The level of service is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with.

Thank you!
Margaret F. -TX

Elegant Gown Preservation was great!  They were able to take my dress the same day I called them and managed to get all of the stains out of my dress.  Franki is really sweet and explained everything in detail.  I would recommend them to every bride!

-Jessica B. (Fort Worth, TX June 2013)


Great experience!  Super helpful and very sweet.  Very affordable and flexible with my work schedule.  I will definitely refer them to my friends!

-Shandra L. (Las Colinas, TX  June 2013) 

 In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. You were recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding.

Keep up the good work!

Alex L., NY

 The dress came out absolutely amazing!  Thank you Elegant Gown Preservation so much for preserving our memories.  We look forward to having our wedding dress forever.  Thank You So Much!

-The G.'s (Dallas, TX  June 2013)

I was married 31 years ago and this past weekend I was able to watch my own daughter get married in my wedding gown that you preserved for me.  Thank you. You truly created a memory that will last forever.

Michelle R., KY


Thank you for preserving my wife's gown. I gave it to her for our anniversary and she was thrilled.  What a great idea.

Christopher P., CA

My dress looks fantastic.  I  am so excited that I get to keep it forever and see it everyday.  It was the perfect dress for me on my wedding day and I am so happy I will get to always have it in my life.  Franki did a fantastic job explaining the entire process about how to best care for it.  Working with Elegant Gown Preservation was a great experience and my dress looks absolutely gorgeous!

 -Karen, Irving, TX

 My preserved dress looks marvelous!  I love it!  It went through mud, dirt, had chocolate cake spilled on it, shoes stepped on it, and a few kids fell and spilled their loaded plates on it.  I had sweat stains from dancing all night.  It stunk, and had tons of make up on the shoulders from people hugging me at a very large wedding.  I thought it was ruined from all that we did to it.  The owners of Elegant Gown Preservation met with me, calmed my nerves and fears and were so sweet and kind.  I called around and had other places try and convince me we would get what we paid for.  With Elegant Gown Preservation this simply isn’t true.  It is a top quality product with a great price.  A true value in this economy.  They were even willing to pick up the dress if need be.  I liked that they had no hidden fees and respected my time with pricing right on their website.  I didn’t have to call and listen to some sales pitch.  Others tried to tell me I’d get what I paid for with the low price.  If you consider her 17 years in the industry and connections, and his degree in economics, then you understand how they can get the price so low and the product so high quality.  So, I guess in that sense I did get what I paid for…no overhead, extra salaries and hidden fuel costs and delivery fees.  Just simple quality and straight talking truth in marketing.  Highly, highly recommend!  Wonderful people, too!

      -Marie, Dallas, TX


Great service and clear communication on the process of all that would be done with the dress.  All pricing was clearly explained up front. 

-Sharon C. (Denton, TX  July 2013)

I preserved my wife’s wedding dress for an anniversary present, and it looks great!  It was so fantastic that she cried when she saw it and it took her breath away!  We liked the job so much that we also used them to preserve our first child’s christening outfit.  We then did my Grandfather’s military uniform, and it looked fantastic!  Grandpa’s uniform came in a box with a photo of the flag on it instead of a wedding box.  It is nice to support a family business that is local!  Highly recommend to all family and friends.  Nicest people, very professional and superior product!

       -Juan, Dallas, TX

 I had my grandmother’s dress re-sealed since my mother broke it to see the dress when she was getting married.  The dress had yellowed over the years from being in the attic.  When the dress was shipped out, Elegant Gown Preservation kept me informed of when she shipped the dress, and about what the preservers said about getting some of the yellowing out to try to take it back as close to the original color.  I was impressed that with the 16 years of service in the wedding industry and personal service that she gave me.  I felt that she was truly interested in keeping this gown so that my grand daughter could use it or at least a part of it when she gets married someday.  They were very professional and the value for the service goes way beyond what I was expecting. This is a great company to work with to keep memories safe and beautiful for years to come. 

     -Rachel, The Colony, TX

I knew I wanted to preserve my wedding dress for my future children and grandchildren to become a family heirloom.  Since wedding dresses are so costly, I wanted to make sure I went with the best possible preservationist I could find.  The owners at Elegant Gown Preservation were extremely knowledgeable about their preservation process, explained things to me in detail, answered all my questions, and even handled my dress with military regulation white gloves.  When they say they will treat your special dress like it was their own, they truly mean it!  When I got my dress back, it was so breathtakingly beautiful that it took me back to my wedding day.  Every time I look at it I remember walking down the aisle and seeing my husband for the first time.  They really do preserve your wedding memories along with your dress and the price is the best I have found, particularly considering their 16 years experience in the wedding industry, knowledge and incredible product.  I highly recommend them to all my friends and family. 

     -Joan, Cedar Hill, TX



 Package B Testimonials

100% Certified Organic

Having my gown preserved was very special, a 57 year memory brought to life.  Elegant Gown Preservation did an excellent job- it looks like new again!  Their prices are very reasonable, quality and service are outstanding.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone wanting to preserve their gown, be it new or old.

-Betty H. (Carrollton, TX  April 2013)

I can't tell you how excited I am to FINALLY have my wedding gown preserved!!! I lost the wedding gown box I purchased with my wedding gown and finally found it around our 6th wedding anniversary!!!! I was overjoyed to find out that I could still send in my gown!!!!! NO extra charges and no problem whatsoever!!!! The whole process was made sweeter when our 4 year old, Sutton, saw us packing the dress into the box and exclaimed "Mommy, can I wear that dress when I get married????"! My heart melted! My experience with the you was EXCELLENT!! I will be recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks again!

Vonda D., Manteca, CA     


"My gown looks absolutely beautiful in the preserved box. Thank you so much for your professionalism and quick shipping."

Erica S. -Tulsa, OK


 Elegant Gown Preservation did such a great job preserving my mother's dress which is 57 years old.  I didn't think the lace could be brought back to its original white, but they did it!!!  Thank you so  much for the kind, delicate way you treated the dress, and also all of the sweet feelings my mom still has for the dress.

-Jacquelyn H. (Dallas, TX  April 2013)

Your gown preservation company was great! The kit arrived quickly with it's detailed (but so easy) instructions and the customer service was so nice in easing me with my concerns since my gown is all fragile lace and beads. I didn't even have to worry since my gown came back sooner than I thought and of course, as promised by your Co. perfect as when I first wore it on my wedding day. The way they boxed and packed my gown, I could tell that they handled it with utmost care. I can't express my high recommendation enough. Your Company is top notch!

 Joanne P.  - Bear, Delaware

Franki was apleasure to work with.  The drop off & pick off were easy and fast.  The dress preserved beautifully and the overall service was great.  I was happy to find a wonderful way to preserve my wedding memories with a friendly and knowledgable person.  I would highly recommend using Elegant Gown Preservation for wedding needs.

-Katie H. (Dallas, TX  April 2013)



I am extremely pleased with my experience with your wedding gown preservation company. My dress showed up in a timely fashion without the need for follow-up and the presentation of my gown is beautiful. I think the cost was very reasonable as well.

Karen D. - Phoenixville, PA


My experience with your wedding gown preservation company was fantastic. I am local to the area and decided to stop by to have my gown preserved. The gentleman helping me was very polite and even gave me a tour of the entire facility including the actual preservation process. It was quite an impressive site to see! I am extremely thrilled with the way my dress and other keepsakes are presented in the box! I was told that my dress would be done in about 6 weeks, but actually received it back in a little over 3 weeks. Quite speedy! I will definitely be recommending your services to my family and friends! Thank you for everything!"

Kristina J.


Franki did a wonderful job cleaning and preserving my dress.  I have already recommended Elegant Gown Preservation to friends who have been looking for a preservation service of such personal quality & service.

-Becky P. (Garland, TX  April 2013) 

After spending months researching local dry cleaners and coming up disappointed, I contacted the folks I trusted at Lady Hamilton where I purchased the tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses for my October 2008 wedding. They suggested using your wedding gown preservation and I couldn't have been more pleased with my choice to follow their recommendation. My family and I were overly thrilled when we received the nicely packaged gown, veil and gloves in the mail. Your gown preservation exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend you to all future brides who are looking for a quality cleaning and preservation that will last a lifetime.

Laiza R. - Springfield, VA

 I found Elegant Gown Preservation online and dropped my wedding dress off and was amazed at Franki's professionalism.  She was awesome.  Her attention to detail was reassuring.  I knew my dress was safe with her and she did a fantastic job!  My dress looked wonderful in the box and I can't wait to display my dress for friends and family to see.  It was the best decision ever and this way I'm sure my dress would be in prefect condition for my daughter-if she decides to wear it.  Very affordable service-best value for the $$ !

 I was very nervous about having my dress cleaned after the wedding, but you made everything so easy and eased my mind.  The shipping box came quickly and it was easy to put the gown in.  You communicated with me every step of the way so I never worried about it getting lost.  When it arrived, everything was perfect and the dress looks like it did on my wedding day.  Thank you!

Marleigh Y.- New Orleans, LA


 Elegant Gown Preservation was very personable and ensured that my wishes were portrayed.  I really appreciated the kindness/service throughout the process.  I would definitely come back in the future.

-Shellie S. (Dallas, TX  May 2013)

I got married in Vegas in May with Elvis right there!! My dress got really dirty and I was worried about it when we got home for the preservation. I went back to the bridal shop I purchased my dress from and they said no doubt to use your gown preservation company. They have been around for a long time and did great work. So I trusted them and sent it in. You guys did a fantastic job and the turn around time was wonderful!!! Keep up the great job. And thank you, thank you very much!!!!

Melinda O. - Madison, Wisconsin


Franki was so professional through the entire process!  She guided my brother, who delivered my dress after the wedding, through the entire process.  He was nervoud to be given such a task, but Franki's love for what she does, knowledge, and thoroughness made it an easy process for him.  She was also very flexible when it came scheduling a time for me to pick it up.  Franki really made the preservation process a delightful experience!  My gown that was muddy and stained following a long night of dancing is new, pristine, and beautiful again!

-Andrea I. (Plano, TX  June 2013)

Your wedding gown preservation company was the best choice I made for my dress. I needed an affordable, safe way to have it preserved and you made it happen. And fast too! I had it back in about a month. What a great service! Thanks!

Stephanie M.- Millington, TN


Personalized service, friendliness, and professionalism!

- Jennifer L.  (Hurst, TX  June 2013)

 I decided to preserve my gown to keep it looking as new as it was on my wedding day. I am very pleased with how it is displayed in the box as if I was wearing it. I will recommend to anyone getting married to use you. Thank You very much.

Teresa C. - Melbourne, FL



  I was terribly nervous about sending my wedding dress away to be preserved, and I considered not doing it at all. I was so relieved when the dress arrived earlier than expected, and it looked just as beautiful as I remembered! I was very pleased with my experience with my wedding gown preservation.   

Tiffany H.- Hartville, OH


I was a little scared sending off my wedding dress because I thought it would get lost, stolen, or damaged. I was so relieved when I received an email stating that my dress arrived. A couple weeks went by and I received an email that said my dress was shipped. When I received my dress, the box was not damaged and my dress looked so perfect. I would definitely recommend this to any girl who would like to keep her memories as perfect as can be. Thank you so much for taking care of my dress!

Danielle M.-Glassport, PA 

The service was great and the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  They helped me pik the best preservation package for my dress.  I was kept informed on the status of my dress preservation.  Very accomodating.   The price is very affordable and the dress looks great!

Mrs. D.  (Dallas, TX June 2013)


 My experience with my wedding gown preservation  has been a wonderful one. The customer service was excellent. The price for the services is better than all the preservation companies that I researched including Google searches, local cleaners and local Wedding Gown Shops. I am more satisfied than I thought I would be with how the dress is on display in the box. I have already referred another blushing bride to your website. Thank you  for preserving my wedding gown.

Felecia M.-Columbia, MD


 I love my wedding gown preservation. I had some worry at first but they emailed me when it arrived and I even got a call when it would be arriving at my house. I will tell everyone to send their wedding gowns to them. The dress looks GREAT!! I am so happy to see the results. Thank you so much for preserving my gown and treating it special. It means the world to me. God bless you and your business."

Kristin C.- Wilmer, Alabama


 I had a great experience with your wedding gown preservation company. I sent in the dress and an email was sent to me when received. I also got an email when it was sent out. I then tracked it. I had no problems with anything. I recommend this to every bride because it was reasonable and didn’t take long. The dress looks great. It was truly a great experience."

Ashley W.-Osian, Iowa

You have been fantastic. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about sending my expensive wedding gown off in the mail but the service, control and end result have been superb! It was efficient and came back even better than I expected. Thank you so much for looking after my most expensive item of clothing!!!

 Greetings, I had to write in and thank you for the wonderful job you did on my wedding gown. I was married September 20, 2008 in New Orleans, LA. After a stressful wedding planning process due to a hurricane season ceremony, I am so grateful for the stress-free flawless work from your wedding gown preservation company. I have already recommended you to other brides, convincing them that selling isn’t the only option. The affordable service is preservation of a memory! Thanks again!

Beattra W. - Bowie, Maryland


I am absolutely in love with how my dress and veil turned out. They are absolutely beautiful, just the way I remember my wedding day! Thank you very much!

D'Ann S.- Tucson, AZ


I had my wedding gown preserved so that my little girl can wear my dress someday at her wedding. The picture is of me and my little girl looking at my beautifully preserved wedding gown."

Desiree M.- Riverbank, CA



 Dear Friends,

A friend and I both had vintage gowns from the 1950’s.  She chose you to preserve and I was so pleased that I sent mine as well. I received my gown in 4 weeks, beautifully boxed with a personal letter from the company describing the work that had been done. Additionally, I called the company before sending my gown and was so impressed with the person to whom I spoke that the call sealed the deal for me! I can not thank you enough!

Enid V.- Strongsville, OH


WOW!!!  Just WOW!!!!  When you say Elegant Gowns and Preservation, You-Mean-BUSINESS!!!!!  I am so grateful I decided to preserve my gown, and even more grateful that I chose your company to work with.  Your level of professionalism, low prices, and top quality preservation are just top notch!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Marie F. - Dallas, Texas


I met the owners at Elegant Gown Preservation when I was planning my wedding in 1999 and I decided to do my dress preservation with them.  I based this decision on the incredible amount of knowledge the owners had about dress preservation, their package value, 16 years experience in the industry, and examples of their finished products.  I was so very pleased when I received my preserved dress that I also decided to do my children’s Christening dress preservation with them.  As a small business owner I know that the highest form of praise is repeat business and one’s recommendation and I recommend them to all I know!  These are dress preservationists with a heart of gold that truly love what they do and it shows!  I tip my hat to you for a job WELL DONE!!!

        -Anne, Irving, TX

  When I found my grandmothers wedding dress from 1937, I wanted to have it saved for my daughter.  I knew that a friend of mine who had been involved with the wedding industry for the last 16 years had started her own business and gave her a ring to see if she could help.  When we met, I was soooooo impressed with the care she gave this dress due to the sentimental value and the delicacy of it from sheer age.  I thought her pricing was a great value for the service I got.  I really liked that she took the time to get the history of the dress, address any concerns that I had of the process, and that she has kept me informed of the progress of the preservation.  She let me know when it was sent off, and if the factory had any questions or concerns.  Not many women can say that they not only have their own wedding dress, but UI also have my mothers and both of my grandmothers dresses kept safe so that maybe someday my own daughter can use something from each of he dresses on her wedding day.  I wouldn’t have trusted just anyone with this dress and am VERY happy with how the process is handled.  You aren’t just a number- you are a valued customer with memories that she helps keep alive.  Thank you!

     -Mrs.P, TX

They met with me about preserving the gown that I made for a sewing competition at the Texas State Fair.  I wanted to have it preserved to share the memories with my daughter.  When I mentioned that I wanted to include my ribbon that I won (1st place)- she was more than impressed.  I met the owners many years ago when we both helped a professional seamstress in the wedding industry.  She was more than happy to help meet my needs, the price was well within my budget, and her knowledge was far superior to mine.  I really like the fact that she has kept me in the loop about the status of my dress.  She let me know when it shipped out, and any additional information from the company.  This organization will be recommended to my friends who haven’t already preserved their dress and anyone who has something special that they want to preserve for future generations.

   -Kate, The Colony, TX


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