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Dress and Gown Preservation in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Elegant Gown Preservation from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, provides dress and gown preservation for all types of formal gowns and wedding dresses. Our wedding gown preservation services are the perfect gift for any bride. We have over 20 years experience and are happy to offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to brides.  We are the home of the White Glove Service, handling your special gown with the highest quality, United States Military regulation white gloves, ensuring that our own hand oils do not touch your precious garment and it is given the utmost of care.  No other gown preservation service provides such a gentle and delicate touch, with astounding results, for the garment of your life!  The one, the only, the original- Elegant Gown Preservation!


Elegant Gown Preservation vs. Dry Cleaning?
Our hands-on, labor intensive preservation process is very different from a typical "dry cleaning". The beading, embroidery, sequins, rhinestones, lace and other specialty features require delicate care. Our process of heirlooming your gown is so intensive, it may take up to 12 weeks to preserve your special garment, and in certain instances may take longer.  Over 100 years of handling our customers most precious garments is testimonial to the fact that we have the experience you can trust!  We hold the prestigious endorsement of the International Fabricare Institute, which sets the standards in the garment industry.  Our owner has also modeled bridal gowns and dresses for over 20 years, which has given an exclusive, in depth, insider's view as to what brides and their gowns experience.  Our owners also have an extensive chemistry background, resulting in being THE trusted choice of brides in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex who choose our exclusive White Glove Service.

The Elegant Gown Preservation Difference

Elegant Gown Preservation has specialty cleaning machines, as well as hand techniques, that we ONLY  apply to wedding dresses and formal attire.  We are a specialist in wedding gown cleaning, preservation, and restoration.  This means we do not launder other types of clothing such as a suit or a red blouse on the same machines that touch your delicate wedding gown fabric.  This, in turn, creates a higher quality product, beautifully preserved dresses, and centuries of happy brides!

Why Preserve Your Gown?
Formal gown material begins deteriorating within months of usage. A dress as precious as your wedding gown can only be shared with future generations if it is preserved properly. Many modern brides express disappointment that their mothers and grandmothers did not preserve their gown. Some of the things that can destroy your wedding gown are:

• Sugar • Tar • Dirt • Gasoline • Mud


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Can you give me more details?
It takes between 2-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the process and the design of your dress, and in certain instances may take longer, to preserve your gown. Our prices include dress preservation and cleaning of up to 3 items (for packages B & D) such as: 

• Hat
• Veil

• Garter

• Headpiece
• Detachable Train
• Jacket
• Ring Pillow
• Bridal Handbag
• Tiara
• Handkerchief
• Gloves

Packages A & D are additional fees for additional preserved items. 

We use a gloss finish, acid free preservation chest and provide a platinum Celebrity Line Upgrade as well. The Celebrity Line is recommend for all silk gowns.


How Much Does It Cost?
Prices vary depending on the type and style of your wedding gown. We are happy to offer you a FREE CONSULTATION.  We also offer EXTRA discounts for active duty military, veterans, and social servants including police, fire, and educators. Please call or email for details, if you or your new spouse qualifies for one of these discounts.  (Thank you for your service to our country and community!  We appreciate you!)  Our prices usually are compatible with the market value, and are often lower than other dress preservation services and cleaners who do not have our years, depth, or level of expertise.  We will be happy to match or surpass any written price quote from a competitor with an equal value service.


 Package A- starting at $159- Natural Package- Our Silver Package.  Lifetime Written Gurarantee.  Experts do the work for you, ensuring a higher quality product!*

 Package B- starting at $189 Organic Package- Our Gold Package.  100 Year Written Guarantee.  Experts do the work for you, ensuring a higher quality product!*

Package C-starting at $159- Our Bronze Package.  An Organic Wedding Gown Preservation Kit with Instructions on how to send your wedding gown from any location in the United States, outside of our local area, into our specialty wedding gown only cleaning facility.  Package comes with a  100 Year Written Guarantee*.  (Compare to bridal salon kits at $200!)

Package D- starting at $119- Our Titanium Package.   A Natural Wedding Gown Preservation Kit with instructions on how to send your wedding gown from any location in the United States, outside of our local area,  into our wedding gown cleaning facility.  Package comes with a  Lifetime Written Guarantee*.  (Compare to Bridal Salon Kits at $200.)  

 Package E- starting at $500-$4000.  Our Platinum Package.  For gowns of a much higher documented declared value (usually $50K-$100K+) that entail maximum anounts of embellishments, more intricate gown construction, and require a higher amount of time to preserve.  Lifetime and 100 Year Written Guarantees available.  Natural and Organic Packages available with 100 Year and Lifetime Written Guarantees available.   Pricing varies depending on intricacy of the gown.  Please call for details and a free consultation.  (972-258-5815). 

Package F- Green Earth Friendly Package- $174 Starting at price. Cleaned and preserved with a Green Earth Friendly type solvent and packaging. Your gown receives all the care of the previous pagkages. The solvent and packaging have been designed by the industry to be Earth, fabric, and people friendly.

Museum Package$240 starting at price. This package is designed for the bride who desires a preservation package with techniques and packaging utilized by many museum curators. It contains a museum type packaging, cleaning process and receives all the cleaning care of the previous packages.

Diamond Package- starting at $5000-$10,000 + packages available.  This package is available for gowns of a documented declared value of $500K-$1,000,000+ and beyond with proper written documentation.  Please call for details and a free consultation.  (972) 258-5815.

 Gown Cleaning Only with Natural Process - starting at $109 (Bride elects to pass on the preservation.)*

 Gown Cleaning Only with Organic Process - starting at $119 (Bride elects to pass on the preservation.)*

Silk/Ultra Fine Fabric Solvent & Labor (on most couture gowns)-$60 -Highly recommended for couture gowns of $2,500 and higher. 

Gown Unbustling- starting at $15

Fees may apply for a change in package selection.  Conditions and Terms may apply.  By cleaning and preserving your gown with us in any entity or form, you accept that the professional judgement of Elegant Gown Preservation and its preservationists shall prevail in any and all matters.  We do our very best to accomodate most requests upon intake.   Fees may apply to requests made after intake.  Rush jobs and additional status updates available for purchase.  Rush jobs require a witten due date upon drop off.  No written agreed due date at drop off will indicate an agreement of a completion date that is best for the garment ensemble.  Please check back to this website often, as updates are made in keeping with industry changes, and may be made at any time, as needed.  Updates to the website shall prevail.  Hand written receipts prevail over electronic receipts and indicate items purchased only.  No other goods or services are sold, either witten or implied, other than those listed on hand written receipt.  Written warranty comes affixed to your packaging.  No Mystery Shopping allowed in any form by others including but not limited to any agents, assigns, associates, employees, relations, relatives, vesteds or other relations, etc from others or their companies.  Mystery Shoppers will be deemed as trespassing. Thank you for respecting the privacy and security of our home.  No recording allowed without prior written consent of the owners, in any form, including but not limited to audio, video, telephone, photo, or other methods.   Nonpayment for services rendered will be turned over to the local authoities.  Harassment of employees, in any form, will not be tolerated.  Other tems and conditions may apply.  Basically, treat others as you would like to be treated, including our employees.  Kindness, courtesy, respect, manners and good common sense will be expected.  We look forward to working with you! 

* The pricing on packages A-D and the Gown Cleaning Only Package is for a $500 Declared Dress Value.  Dress value may be required to be documented in some cases.  Declared value is defined as the value paid for the dress that is reflected on either a credit card statement or check at the time of purchase.  For higher declared values , please add $2 extra per additonal $100 of declared value, or $20 per additional $1,000 declared value for the natural packages until reaching the next package declaration value. Lifetime Guarantees and 100 Year Guarantees are good as long as gown stays in original preservation packaging.  Void if opened.  Nominal charge to reseal preserved garments.   Please add $3 per additional $100 of declared value or $30 per $1000 for the organic preservation packages until reaching the next package declaration value. 

Please ask about our discounts for military, veterans, students, and social servants including police, fire, teachers, and paramedics.

ID required to qualify for discounts.

WRITTEN GUARANTEE provided on all packages.  We back up all our work 100%!

Gloss Finish Preservation Chest in acid free paper and tissue.  

Gift Certificates & Bridal Registry
Imagine the priceless treasure of a bride having her grandparents preserve her gown for her! We offer gift certificates and you are even able to put it on a bridal registry. Many relatives or members of the bridal party make this a cherished gift for the bride.


Contact us to find out more about our preservation services. 

Package A- staring at $159 Natural Package- Lifetime Written Guarantee- Experts do the work for you, ensuring a higher quality product!

Package B- starting at $189- 100% Certified Organic- 100 Year Written Guarantee. Experts do the work for you, ensuring a higher quality product!

Package C-starting at $159- An Organic Do It Yourself Kit - 100 Year Written Guarantee (Compare to bridal salons at $200!)

Package D- starting at $144- A Natural Do It Yourself Kit - Lifetime Written Guarantee (Compare to bridal salons at $200!)

Additional packages available upon request.

                                                                                                          20 Years Experience! 

              We are the ONLY preservationist trained by the Blue Ribbon Winner from the Sewing Contest of The State Fair of Texas & the   

                                National Simplicity Sewing Contest Winner!  (Equivalent of winning the Gold Medal at the Sewing Olympics.)

                Proud to serve brides locally, nationally, and internationally with 20 years of experience and some of the BEST prices on the market!

                                              We will be happy to price match or beat any competitor's written prices with a compatible service!


Hours of Operation: By Appointment Only,  Tue.- Sat  (Closed Sun. & Mon.)

                                              Preserve your gown with the convenience of never leaving your home!  We are a Green Company!

                                                                                     Shipping options available throughout the United States.